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My time off. Empty My time off.

Post by ryan09 on Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:45 am


Im sorry i left you in the first place...
I should have stayed but i thought you know.. i have got other stuff to do..
And i did have, untill...

Ok so 1 day i was on V1RTUAL. I left virtual because i thought it wasnt for me and other stuff to do.. so i sent a post saying i left. I didnt meen to upset any body, its just i thought i could do other stuff. I am a quake 3 pro player i came 7th in the quake 3 championship. I decided to stay on quake, this is why i left. I was unbeat able, and no1 could stop me. Untill i stumbled accross this site of a quake 3 clan called H$. H$ had the best quake 3 arena player in the clan, his name is merky. I was his best mate, and i beat him a few times, but he kept comming back on me. Untill one day he decided to quit Quake 3 Arena. He went on to be a pro of quake live, but quake live was just like quake 3, but a little bit more security. He was beened from quake live, because of hax. So i decided, theres no point anymore playing this game... i thought what i could do to pass the time. And i fount out what i should do. Return here! I might not be as active as i once was but at least i can say, IM BAX!
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